3D Printed Felting Needle Holder for Arthritis and Fine Motor Challenges

This 3D printed felting needle holder is a great tool for those with arthritis or those who struggle with fine motor challenges.  If you are a felter, you know felting needles are quite thin and difficult to grip especially for long periods of time.  As a person with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a form of arthritis), I know gripping the felting needle tightly with intense concentration can impact the amount of time I can spend felting, (not to mention the pain I feel afterwards). By adding this 3D printed felting needle handle, the felter no longer needs to grip as tightly with the thumb and forefinger, thereby reducing pain and fatigue.

An overhead shot closeup of a hand holding a purple 3D printed felting needle holder. In the background on the table is a Magic Trout Imaginarium jute felting bag and a felting sunnyside up egg with a green yolk.

This 3D printed felting needle holder is great for teachers who like to felt with their students, especially since many school these days have 3D printers in their libraries. This low cost solution can be a great assistive technology solution for students with disabilities or younger students who are felting in the classroom. If you're a teacher, check out our cross curricular felting lesson plans and our Wooley Wonders program!

Thanks to my former work colleague Jake McIvor at Makers Making Change for designing this device. This version of the Felting Needle Holder is a preliminary design and Jake and I would love if you could try it out and let us know what you think, and how you would modify it for your needs.  Here is the thread discussing the design if you'd like to comment or email zee@magictroutimaginarium.com to let me know!