Needle felted Halloween Costume Headband

by Zee Kesler

Needle Felted Costume Headband

The Magic Trout Imaginarium's Needle felted Halloween costume headband is affordable and fast to make; in just a couple hours you can create a costume using common felting and crafting supplies, for only a few dollars!

Needle Felted Deer Antlers are a great diy Halloween arts and crafts project for a last minute Halloween costume or themed party.

Scroll down to watch our youtube video tutorial.

Supplies Needed for this Felting Project:

  • Headband with a thick base
  • 20g of Magic Trout Imaginarium wool (15g for antlers and 5g for decorations/fringe)
  • felting block
  • felting needle
  • scissors
  • 10 pipecleaners (or 4 m wire and 4 pipecleaners to cover wire)
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • paper
  • writing utensil
  • a plastic bag with a ziplock
  • spray bottle

Our Felted Deer Antler Headband Kit

Additional supplies needed(not included): scissors, paper, writing utensil, hot glue gun and glue, pipe cleaners.

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