Needle Felted Halloween Eyeball Decoration

A set of needle felted bloodshot eyeballs is a great project that can be used as part of a costume or as a Halloween decoration for your classroom or house!

This beginner felting project is super fast to make; in just a 20 minutes,  you can create this Halloween decoration project using common felting supplies! The Needle Felted Eyeball project is great for beginners because it teaches you how to create a 3D shape out of wool roving as well as add colors to your project. 

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Needle Felted Halloween Eyeball

Supplies Needed for this DIY Halloween Decoration Felting Project:

  • 4-5 g of Magic Trout Imaginarium wool (per eyeball: 4g white wool, a tiny .5 g tuft of wool for your iris in any color you like and a whisp of black wool for the pupil)
  • felting block
  • felting needle
  • scissors

Additional classroom supplies needed(not included): scissors, paper, writing utensil, hot glue gun and glue, pipe cleaners.

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