Taan's Moon and Wet Felting

Imagine not having any calendars or not knowing the date.

How would you know the seasons were changing just by looking around you? What do you know about the seasons? What happens to plants when the seasons change? 

Taan's Moon is beautiful book written by Allison Gear and Illustrated by Artist Kiki Vanderheiden. This book is a natural fit for the Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives curriculum and was created over the course of 3 months with elementary students in School District 50 Haida Gwaii. A large portion of the funding was provided by ArtStarts in Schools.

Teachers who are part of our Wooley Wonders program created several curriculums based off this book involving felting projects and are available to anyone who purchases a class sized kit!

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All purchase comes with a library of FREE lesson plans (created by teachers like you!) and a FREE felting course for Teachers.

Taan's Moons from ArtStarts in Schools on Vimeo.