Why Wool?


Why Wool?

Why Wool Felting Kits?

Wool felting kits are an earth friendly, familiar and affordable. You can try out a variety of techniques with wool including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, knitting, crocheting or weaving.

Wool is great for all ages and ability levels. Engage and inspire your students imaginations with easy beginner felting projects.

Wet felting is a perfect project for K-4, whereas needle felting is best for grades 4 and up. This makes wool the perfect choice for your next class project regardless of the grade level.


Save Money-Buy Wool in Bulk!

We are the most affordable place to buy wool felting kits and supplies in all of Canada! Buying in bulk is the best option whether you're creating projects on your own or working with your students.

Our starter class packs have everything you need to get started: a selection of 15 balls of colorful wool, 25 reusable felting bags, and 100 needles. Available in single classroom and multi classroom felting kits

Each order includes a 'Notes on Wool' document outlining how to care for your needles, and wool.  It couldn't be easier for you to create amazing wool felting projects with your class.

Not an artist? That's what most people say! Don't worry, we can teach you! 

Never Tried Wool Felting Before? Just take a stab at it!

The good news is, wool is a pretty forgiving art material! It's easy to fix mistakes, add more wool or rework your project. 

Also, check out our video tutorials; they will help you gain confidence in creating needle felting and wet felting project

It's Not Just for Teachers

Everyone from expecting moms to artists, to government employees also enjoy felting.

Why? Because it's very meditative and great at relieving stress!

Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium our blog and Pinterest if you're looking for inspiration to get started.  You can also follow us on YouTube where we feature maker projects added from other wool artists.

Ready to Start Felting?

Check out our shop to find wool felting kits and everything else you need to get started.

Why Wool?