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Wool Only- 2lb Class Felting Refill

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This wool only felting refill pack is great if you already have your own felting blocks/bags and needles.
This 2 lb replacement pack of multi colored felting wool is great solution for teachers who want to buy their wool in bulk.

Uses for Multi Coloured Wool

Wool can be used to needle felt, wet felt, spin or weave. Wool is an earth friendly natural fibre that comes from sheep!
This 2lb multi colored wool pack comes in a selection of 15 colors.
2 lbs is a standard replacement amount for a starter class pack. With 2lbs, your students can make one large project per student(30 g each x 25 students)
or several small projects per student!

Need more needles? Buy a single felting needle in 36g or a 100 pack.

What Is Felting ?

Why Do Teachers Love Felting So Much?

Teachers who try felting, love it! It's mesmerizing creative and stress-relieving. Great for a personal hobby, but also an amazing maker craft to bring into the classroom for kids of all ages and abilities.

For additional info and felting project ideas check out our blog for tutorials as well as our gallery to see all the fun projects you could create with wool! We also have a Youtube channelInstagram and Pinterest

Still not convinced? Read about why wool is so awesome here