Moody Maximalist Bedroom with a Vaulted Ceiling

Layout for Vaulted Ceilings: Bedroom Makeover

I love my bedroom, but my vaulted ceiling extends to the floor. This severely limits the number of layouts I can use.

Bedroom Layout Option 1

The most 'logical' layout would seem to be to avoid anyone sleeping under the vaulted ceiling sections on either side of my bedroom. Problem is, if I use this layout, the bed takes up too much space. 

Bedroom Layout 1 computer drawn design with bed by the window

There's not enough room to walk around the foot of the bed without it seeming crowded. In this layout, I could use the angled portion of the room as a sitting area. The downside is, it may not allow for 2 people to sit on my large wing back chairs upright. It might be a bit too crowded. I'd have to use a large bean bag or a floor based sitting area in the right bottom corner. This isn't great for people with back or mobility issues like myself.


Version 2 Layout: Horizontal Bed Nook

Since I want to keep this design simple and affordable, I'm not sure this is the optimal arrangement. It's also a bit awkward. In this version, my bed placed under the right hand angled nook, but with the foot of the bed poking into the room.

This alignment works, but it leaves an awkward space to the side of the bed that I don't know what I can easily do with this space, without building a custom shelving unit. I don't think I want to put the effort into this.

computer image Bedroom layout with bed under angled ceiling horizontally into the room

Version 3 Layout: Bed Directly Under the Vaulted Ceiling

In this version of the layout, my bed is directly under the angled nook. I have the bed in this arrangement right now, and although it allows more floor spaces to be available is the room, this bed alignment puts my face a bit too close to the angled roof for my liking.

To be fair, I have a box spring, and 2 mattresses stacked on top of each other right now. I feel like the character in the Princess and the Pea! This layout could work, but I'd need to remove at least one of these mattresses. I like that this alignment would allow me install a curtain across the bed area.


Bedroom Layout 3 with bed full under angled roof in right corner

What do you think of these bedroom layouts for my vaulted ceiling? Comment Below!

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