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What is Moody Maximalist Decor?

What Moody Maximalist Decor?

Moody Maximalist decor (sometimes called dark maximalism) is an aesthetic I've also enjoyed, even before I knew what the term meant. The aesthetic is dark, bold, mysterious and quirky.

a grid of 4 images of teal maximalist interiors with the title What is Moody Maximalism? Across the center

In this blog series, I'm documenting my budget maximalist bedroom makeover and integrating my own needle felted projects as part of the decor.

Bringing the Maximalist Vibe with Needle Felting

What is Needle felting? Needle felting involves using a sharp barbed needle to sculpt and shape wool roving into 3D shapes like animals, fabric sheets, food, or even jewelry or clothing.  Since I am a maximalist, I do too many! Aside from the Curio Cabin, I also run Magic Trout Imaginarium, where I sell felting kits with tutorials and teach felting workshops at schools, libraries. People love felting; everyone we teach comments on how easy and stress relieving it is!

 a close up of a persons hand using a felting needle to poke green wool into a the shape of a monster

Before my Moody Maximalist Decor Makeover

(looking right from the doorway)

 an interior shot of my bedroom.  A room with a beige angled walls: on the right with a bed underneath. On the left a set of 2 windows with wood trim

an interior shot of a room: a bige angled wall with a closet underneath on the left and a dresser. to the right on another wall is a window with wood trim

How to Design on a Budget

First consideration is to decide your budget. I am aiming to spend $1000. Next I want to choose, is a theme and a color pallete. So, of course, my first step is I went on Pinterest and found some inspiration to help me decide the pallete and style. 

Here are my favourite images I found that will help inform my decisions and purchases.



My Color Palette for my Moody Maximalism Decor Makeover

I decided the color pallete for my moody maximalism bedroom makeover will be:

Gold, Dark Blue, Red, Mustard, light green and burnt orange

a palette of colors Dark blue, teal, gold, dark red and burnt orange

Take an Inventory your Existing Maximalist Decor

I've loved this style forever, so I already have some items in my home. I'd like to incorporate them into my maximalist bedroom.

Drawing on items you slready have is great to save money of course.  Also keep in mind, you can always paint the items to match your palette!


Needle Felted Animal Taxidermy:

For this I room I am going to integrate needle felted animal taxidermy projects using old picture frames I've had on hand for a long time. 

 Here are a few felted animal taxidermy projects I saw added to our Moody Maximalism Decor Pinterest:


Check out our shop to buy your own DIY felted animal taxidermy kit

Who Am I?

On the left a closeup image of the Magic Trout Imaginariums Head Imagineer Zee Kesler a light skinned woman with brown hair and bright red glasses smiling. Zee has colorful strands of wool tied in her hair.

My name is Zee Kesler and I am the Head Imagineer at the Magic Trout Imaginarium where I sell felting supplies and tutorials. I love incorporating felting projects into my maximalist interior designs.