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My Laser Cut Wood Sign for Curio Cabin

In May I visited my friends at Fuse33 Makerspace in Calgary, where I learned how to laser cut a wood sign for Curio Cabin using a Thunder Laser. The laser cutter is a fantastic tool for DIYers who like me, kinda suck at detail oriented woodworking. I love that the machine does the precision work for me!

Laser Cutting as a Total Laser Newbie

As a maker, I had seen and used laser cutter machine before, but not completely on my own; I needed help. Back in 2012 or so, I laser cut 2 peacocks for the entryway of a shadow puppet theatre. This was for an artist residency I did in Manama Bahrain with the Bahrain Ministry of Culture. Back then, hobbyist laser cutters weren't really a thing yet. So, there was defintely a learning curve involved. It was a bit intimidating!

This spring I had time to dedicate to learning how to use a Thunder Laser machine and I was honestly surprised how easy it was! I went from totally being lost to creating a project in just a couple hours which is impressive!

In the video below I describe the entire process of designing my custom sign using Lightburn with a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine.

DIY Laser Cut Wood Sign Step by Step

For more details and step by step breakdown of the process. I also include links to specific skills and tools I used. Check out the blog I wrote on the Thunder Laser Canada website.

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