Baby Shower Craft Ideas

Baby Shower Craft Ideas

Baby shower craft ideas are definitely something people can get stuck on when planning a baby shower. Here at Magic Trout Imaginarium, we have a great idea for your baby shower:

Create a felted baby mobile with your friends!

Felting a baby mobile kit is a fantastic community-building activity for friends  to come get together to create fun crafty projects and welcome the new baby into the world! 3 people sit on a couch felting and smiling

Zee, our Head Imagineer saw the community and connection of this project first hand. Many years back, Zee attempted to felt a whole baby mobile herself in time for a shower. This turned out to be way too much work, so she brought her felting gear to the shower to finish the project. When guests saw her felting away, everyone at the shower wanted to learn to make a project for the baby!

Soon everyone was felting to help complete the ocean themed baby mobile! After an hour, there was an octopus, a seahorse, a starfish, a prawn, a sea turtle and more! Some people got so obsessed with creating a perfect creature, that they went home with extra wool to keep working on their project. 

Before the baby was born, a friend assembled the mobile together and delivered it to the expecting couple. The parents loved it and best of all everyone built it with love for the new baby and had a blast while making it!

a felted baby mobile hanging in a window. A red octopus with strings hanging from each of its tentacles. On each string hangs a string with other sea creates and scrabble letters


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a screen shot of the Magic Trout Imaginarium's pinterst board shows a collection of many types of felted baby mobiles



a young gil wih light skin and curly blond hair holds up a felted seahorse she felted for a baby mobile