Costume Headband | DIY Deer Antler Headband

 Create a Costume Headband

A costume headband is a fun DIY project for Halloween, a party, festival or celebration!

A young student wears Eyeball Costume Headband made from pipecleaners and wool
A young student wears grey and white felted lynx costume headband she made from wool
A young student wear a felted costume headband grey bunny ears with pink inside
These photos were taken at a workshop I hosted at the Gabriola Recreation Society in Oct 2021

To make this costume headband project you'll need:


Some Tips and Lessons Learned re: Making a  Costume Headband

If you're making cat ears or something small and light, you don't need wires or pipecleaners inside. They are light enough that you can just glue them to your headband. You also can use a thinner headband for this type of project.

If you are making bunny ears or something taller and heavier, you need to use wire or pipecleaners. Also, don't make your ears too tall because they will tip over and cause the headband to fall off your head! It is essential for this type of project to use a thicker wider headband. This will help support the weight.

Watch the Felted Costume Headband Tutorial Video Below

Halloween is our favourite holiday because we get to dress up. Keep in mind, you can always modify these  costume headband designs to work for Christmas, Easter or other holidays! Think reindeer antlers or Easter bunny ears! Hope you have fun felting!

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a moving gif of a felted fish mounted on a plaque flapping its fins and tail. Its wearing a top hat and above it ays Magic Trout Imaginarium in antique black capsfont.