Felting Easter Eggs This Holiday

Felting Easter Eggs This Holiday

This felting Easter Egg project involves felting a simple ball shape. A great beginner felting project. Check out another simple felting project we created for Easter: an Easter Chick

4 colorful felted easter eggs on a white background. Clockwise from top: olive green with a white triangle pattern, yellow with a black triangle charlie brown pattern, orange with multi colored polka dots, teal blue with multi colored polka dots and magenta with yellow stripes

 Who is this Felting Project Best For?

This is project is ideal for a young child, or someone who may have difficulty felting for long periods of time. This is a simple project for the classroom.

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Supplies for Felting Eggs:

Steps to Make Your Own Felted Easter Egg

  1. Gather Supplies
  2. Take a 5-8 inches length of wool and roll it tightly (make sure to keep a bit of wool of the same color for later)
  3. While holding the roll in place, gently poke the needle across the length of the wool back and forth once. Next rotate the wool roll, and continue poking across until you get back to where you started. This should attach the wool fibres ensuring the roll doesn't come undone
  4. Start poking and sculpting the ends of the wool to round out the ends. Roll the wool continuously as you poke, otherwise you'll flatten your egg and it won't be 3D anymore! Continue to poke until your roll looks rounded and 'egg-like' on one end.  (This could take awhile-be patient!)
  5. If you need to add to fatten up the middle of your egg to be more rounded, wrap a bit more wool around the center of your egg and poke it into place. 
  6. Once your wool is round on one end, start doing the same to the other end of your egg.
  7. Once your egg has the right shape, you can start to decorate. take tiny bits of wool from your roving and use your needle to direct the wool and poke it very gently into place. You don't need to poke deeply at all to attach wool decorations.
  8. You're done! 

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