Felting Bunny for Easter

Felted Easter Bunny Made of Wool

This felting bunny project for easter is more advanced than our easter chick or easter egg tutorial. If you are new to felting, try our Felted Easter Egg or Felted Easter Chick tutorial first.

Who is this Project Best For?

This project involves felting multiple shapes for the ears, head, body, tail and limbs. Since it's more time consuming, this project is best for someone with attention to detail, patience, focus and an intermediate level of skill.

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Supplies to Make A Felted Bunny:

a grid of images showing show to felt an easter bunny step by step

    Steps to Felt A Bunny for Easter

    1. Gather Supplies
    2. First let's felt your bunny's head. Take a 4-6 inches length of white wool and roll tightly. 
    3. While holding the roll in place, gently poke the needle across the length of the wool back and forth once. Next rotate the wool roll, and continue poking across until you get back to where you started. This should attach the wool fibres ensuring the roll doesn't come undone
    4. Take one of your rolls and start poking and sculpting the ends of the wool roll inwards, to round out the ends to make more of a ball shape. Move the wool continously as you poke otherwise you'll flatten the wool. If you need to add a bit more wool to fatten up the middle of your wool roll to be more rounded, do that here. Leave a bit of wool on the head and body unfelted and fluffy as an attachment point. Continue to poke until your roll looks round. (This could take awhile-be patient!)  Repeat this process twice( head and body)
    5. Once your wool is round, condensed and not too squishy, take a tiny tuft of black and pink wool. You can use scissors to cut a tiny piece off. This will be your eye nose and mouth of your bunny. Use your needle to poke the wool into place. Use the needle to direct the loose wool strands.
    6. Next let's felt your ears. Take a piece of wool about 1-2 inches long and fold in half. Felt and sculpt into an ear shape. Since you felting a flat  shape, make sure you lift your wool every few pokes so it doesn't get stuck on the felting surface. Once your wool starts looking like an ear, add some pink making sure not to poke in too deep while you attach. If you poke to deep, the pink will show through on the back of the ears. Leave a bit of wool unfelted and fluffy as an attachment point.
    7. Next, lets felt your legs and arms. Use the same process we used to create your head. Start with a piece of wool roving, rolling your wool tightly, but instead of poking the ends of your roll into a ball this time, leave your limbs longer like cylinders.
    8.  Now, attach your limbs, head and ear together, using the loose wool as a way to attach the pieces together. 
    9.  Take a tiny fluffy bit of white wool and gently poke it onto the bunnies bun as a tail!
    10. You're done! 

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