Get Funding For Felting in the Classroom

Convince your Admin and PAC Why Wool is Awesome

Felting in the Classroom: We know teachers often spend their own money to ensure their students have fun projects that keep them engaged. We also know this isn't fair!

Here at Magic Trout Imaginarium we want to help you get the support and funding you need to create fun felting projects with your students. Read more below!Cover image for Felting in the Classroom Presentation. Magic Trout Imaginarium logo in serif font over hands holding a felted planet. Title says WHY WOOL" and along the right there are rolls of colorful wool roving

Why Teachers Love Felting in the Classroom

As a teacher, we're sure you can relate to the constant search for new ideas and projects that both complete curricular requirements and keep students excited.

After hosting hundreds of professional development workshop with teachers all over Canada, we learned that teachers love to learn and explore new making mediums too, but are often overwhelmed. 

To help save you time and energy, we've worked with Canadian teachers to create a library of felting projects and lesson plans for a range of ages and abilities.

 a blond light skinned wearing a grey long sleeve shirt holds her felting project. It is a felted mouse a fake taxidermy grey mouse on a wood plaque. The mouse looks like its jumping through one side of the plaque to other.

It's not all about the students though. Teachers love felting in the classroom because it's fun, earth friendly, stress relieving. Best part is, felting is incredibly forgiving and easy to re-work to create modified lesssons for all ages and abilities. 

Teachers Are Our Favourite People!

We consulted with numerous fabulous felty teachers to ask them what support we could offer to get more teachers felting. It was evident, teachers needed support with funding. Here at Magic Trout Imaginarium, we created this presentation to help you to get your school administrators or PAC onboard!

Let us help you get wool supplies paid for!

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Take A Stab at Felting Before you Start Felting in the Classroom

Try out felting with our kit and course bundle


a cover photo for the Mini Felting Kit and Course Bundle. Image shows a wool pack with 5 rolls of wool a felting pad and 3 needles next to a red Youtube logo