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Introducing the Curio Cabin: Maximalist Decor

The Curio Cabin: Bringing Magic of the Imaginarium into the Home

a funky room with tropical wallpaper. photo is taken from the head of a bed and there's fun colorful framed artwork on the walls. Title reads Curio Cabin Weird and Wonderful maximalist design and decor;

The Curio Cabin is our new maximalist decor blog. It operates as an extension of the of the Magic Trout Imaginarium, in that is encapsulates the same vision and feeling of magic and whimsy, except in a new form and venue: home decor. 

The Next Era

For those of you who haven't been along this whole ride, the Magic Trout Imaginarum name comes from an Artist in Communities Residency Zee participated in and organized with artists Emily Smith and Francoise Thibault in partnership with the Vancouver Parks Board in 2014. The residency took place in a tiny house Zee built during a 9 week workshop at the Vancouver Community Laboratory the same year. 

a tiny house with cedar siding and red and teal trim. A woman light skinned woman with a black dress, long light brown hair and glasses stands on the porchThe interior of the Magic Trout Imaginarium tiny house from the loft above. Curio collections of items are on the walls, which have newspaper wallpaper on them. The back wall is light blue with a black illustrated mural

An except from City of Vancouver website describes the project:

“The Magic Trout Imaginarium is a project based out of the Tiny Community Center; the first ‘tiny house’ ever used as a community classroom and artist residency. 
“As a curiosity cabinet with a modern twist, artists Zee Kesler, Emily Smith and Francoise Thibault will explore art making as a means of self-expression in order to create a new understanding and appreciation of Trout Lake’s natural ecology, environment and neighbourhood as a place of wonder and inspiration.”

The project was wildly successful engaging over 1000 community members and 16 community groups in activities that connect neighbours and explore the natural environment as as a source of creative inspiration. 

Follow the Imaginarium's Head Imagineer Zee Kesler, as she embarks on a new project documenting the transformation of her rustic cabin on Gabriola Island into curiosity museum and moody maximalist dream home. 

Throughout this project, you'll see felting used in fun and expressive ways integrated in home decor through, decorations, lighting and more!

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On the left a closeup image of the Magic Trout Imaginariums Head Imagineer Zee Kesler a light skinned woman with brown hair and bright red glasses smiling. Zee has colorful strands of wool tied in her hair.

If you'd like to watch the transformation unfold:

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