Needle Felted Chick for Easter

Needle Felted Chick: A Beginner Felting Project

This needle felted easter chick is a simple project that involves felting a simple sphere or ball shape. If you're interested, we have another simple easter project: our felted easter egg tutorial.

a close up of a hand holding 4 yellow easter chicks with orange beaks and feet shaped like triangles

Who is this Felting Project Best For?

This is project could use store bought flat felt sheets cut into triangles for the beak and feet. This option is ideal for a young child, or someone who may have difficulty felting for long periods of time.

Alternatively, if you have the patience, fine motor control and attention to detail, you can needle felt the beak and feet instead.

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Supplies to Make A Needle Felted Chick:

Steps to Make Your Own Felted Easter Baby Chick

a step by step grid of image demonstrating how to felt an easter chick

  1. Gather Supplies
  2. Take a 6-8 inches length of yellow wool and roll tightly (make sure to keep a bit of yellow for later)
  3. While holding the roll in place, gently poke the needle across the length of the wool back and forth once. Next rotate the wool roll, and continue poking across until you get back to where you started. This should attach the wool fibres ensuring the roll doesn't come undone
  4. Start poking and sculpting the ends of the wool roll inwards, to round out the ends to make more of a ball shape. Move the wool woll continuously as you poke otherwise you'll flatten the wool. If you need to add a bit more yellow wool to fatten up the middle of your wool roll to be more rounded, do that here. Continue to poke until your roll looks round. (This could take awhile-be patient!)
  5. Once your wool is round, condensed and not too squishy, take a tiny tuft of black wool. You can use scissors to cut a tiny piece off. This will be your needle felted chick's eye. Use your needle to poke the black into place, using the needle to direct the loose wool strands
  6. If you are using flat wool sheets, cut out 4 small triangles. 2 triangles will be the top and bottom beak, and the other 2 will be the feet. If you are needle felting these parts, felt onto your block, making sure to lift your project up every few pokes. This ensures your project doesn't get  attached to your felting pad.
  7. Warm up your hot glue gun. When its warm enough that glue comes out without using it, it's ready to be used. Pull the glue gun trigger and apply a tiny bit of glue to the 2 pieces of the upper and lower beak. Now quickly press in place before the glue dries! Don't worry about the little strings of glue right now. You can cut off the hot glue strings when your project dries.
  8.  Repeat a similar process to hot glue your chick's feet in place. Now cut out 2 yellow triangular wings and glue those in place as well.
  9. You're done! 

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screenshot of Pinterest felting projects for Easter