Needle Felted Guitar and Keytar!

Rock Out on Your Felted Keytar (or Felted Guitar!)

A felted guitar (and/or keytar) is a fun and easy project to make out of wool! All you need are a few supplies to get started:

Here's step by step tutorial to create a Needle Felted Guitar!

  1. Trace the shape of your instrument onto cardboard
  2. Cut out your cardboard shape-this will serve as your template
  3. Using a marker, trace your instrument template onto your foam.
  4. Cut out your foam instrument using scissors or an exacto blade. If you use the blade, use a surface underneath your foam as you cut.
  5. Test it: rock out a bit
  6. Pull small tufts of wool and lay on the top of your foam guitar shape
  7. Use your felting needle to gently stab bits of wool into place
  8. Once you have your base layer you can add on your little details!


  • Add enough wool so the foam underneath doesn't show through, but not so much that it's super thick.
  • Make sure to wrap your wool around the edges of your foam as well
  • If you make a mistake, it's easy to pull the wool off and fix it!
  • Start a felted instrument band

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting involves using a special barbed needle to sculpt raw wool roving into 3 dimensional shapes.  Stabbing repeatedly really gets the stress out (likely why teachers we've taught love it!)

Learn more about needle felting here

When you're needle felting,  you need to use wool that has more scales, so it gets caught on the felting needles. You can start with a simple project, then create your own wonderful wool creations.

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Felting Supplies

There are so many felting tools out there. To start, don’t worry about having everything out there, just focus on the basics: needles, wool and a felting  surface.

Read this blog to learn more about the supplies you'll need to get started.

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