Needle Felted Spider

A  needle felted spider is a fun diy Halloween craft that can be used as an addition to a costume, to decorate your classroom or house for Halloween or to freak out your friends!

The Magic Trout Imaginarium's Felted Spider diy Halloween craft project can created this project using common felting and crafting supplies! The best part is, after you are done, you can use your project to create a stop motion animation!

Supplies Needed for a Felted Spider

  • 10-12g wool (4-6g for the body and 4-6g for the legs)
  • felting block
  • felting needle
  • scissors
  • 2.5 pipecleaners
  • needle and thread
  • small beads for eyes

Needle Felted Spider Tutorial

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      • How to needle felt flat 2D shapes
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      • How to felt shapes based off a sphere: cones caps and more
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      • How to wet felt strands of wool
      • Industry Questions: Why Isn't More Wool Produced in Canada?
      • Classroom tips and tricks to save $$
      • Needle Felted Sushi Roll Tutorial
      • What is the Wooley Wonders program?