Soft Circuit Badges: Adding L.E.D Lights to Felting Projects

Felted Soft Circuit Badges

Felted Soft Circuit badges are created by wet or needle felting a 3D or 3D artwork. When completed, l.e.d lights and a battery holder are sewn in.a diagram of components in a soft circuit felting project> coin cell battery holder, coin cell battery Conductive thread and lilypad led

In this project, you can explore arts and STEM subjects at the same time which makes a great cross curricular project for teachers. This project is a simple way to teach the basics of how electricity works, minus safety concerns. We hosted this workshop at the ADST Summit in 2019. This project was also featured in the ITA Youth Maker Club Manual

Not a teacher? that's ok! This project is great for anyone who wants to create a funky stand out broche that'll get everyone talking!

Example Projects

Here are some felted badge projects created by curious creators, students and teachers who have attended our workshops!

a video of a group of colorful light up badges made by scout leaders, hello kitty, a flame with an eyeball a dragon and more

a female Scout Leader with dark hair in a ponytail smiles wearing a maroon zip up shirt. She is wearing an led badge shaped like a flower with a light in the centre.
a male light skinned teacher with a shaved head is wearing a blue work jumpsuit. He is smiling with a name badge that says Roger on the left side of his chest and a light up badge of a blue tardis from Dr Who


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Here at Magic Trout Imaginarum, we've tried ou a wide variety of tools and material for this soft circuit badge project at many workshops and conferences over the years.

Now, we've created a simple how to guide with a list of the most ideal supplies to get you started.

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 Screenshot of the Soft Circuit Felted Badge presentation

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