Taan's Moon Felting Project

Taan's Moon Felting Project

A Taan's Moon felting project is a great way to integrate cross curricular subjects into your classroom. This book is a natural fit for the Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives in a time and place without calendars or modern time keeping methods.

How would you know the seasons were changing just by looking around you? What do you know about the seasons? What happens to plants when the seasons change? 

This is beautiful book written by Allison Gear and Illustrated by Artist Kiki Vanderheiden. The images for this wook were created over the course of 3 months with elementary students in School District 50 Haida Gwaii. For the making of the images in the book, students learned to wet felt and needle felt using raw wool roving.

Watch the video documenting the making of Taan's Moon

A large portion of the funding was provided by ArtStarts in Schools.

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What is Wet Felting?

To wet felt, all you need is dish soap, and water. Next step, use your hands to agitate and rub your wool until it starts to matte and tangle! An easy way to wet felt without creating a mess, is to place your wool in a ziplock bag!  The wet felting process creates sheets of wool. You can stitch these sheets together to make clothing. or use a solid wood or foam form to wet felt hats and specific shapes like slippers!

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What is Needle Felting?

To needle felt, use a felting needle to poke and shape wool into 2D and more typically, 3D shapes. You can even needle felt onto wet felted sheets to make elements 'pop out'. Needle felting requires fine motor control, patience and attention to detail.

You can felt anything you can imagine, from masks, to props, hats or broaches.

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Why is Wool So Great?

Wool is earth friendly, and affordable. You can try out a variety of techniques with wool including needle felting, wet felting, spinning, knitting, crocheting or weaving. Wool is great for all ages and ability levels. Engage and inspire your students imaginations with easy beginner felting projects.

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