Top 10 Felting Kits for Halloween

Top 10 Felting Projects for Halloween 

Felting projects for Halloween are a fun way to decorate your house or create part of a costume! Here are few projects for beginners and intermediate felters. Keep in mind, when it comes to felting, it's less about skill, more about patience.

Needle Felted Bloodshot Eyeball

Top 10 Needle Felting and Wet Felting Kits for Halloween

A super simple beginner needle felting project that makes for an excellent Halloween craft. They can be used for Halloween decor in your home or classroom. 

Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Needle Felted Bloodshot Eyeball Tutorial.

This project creates a set of 3 creepy bloodshot eyeballs. This project can be used as a basis for understanding how to make a basic 3D sphere with wool. Once you learn to felt a sphere, there are so many other projects you can create!

Needle Felted Project for Halloween: Felted Spider!

This is a fun and very creepy Halloween craft project that involves a bit of patience; but they look fantastic when they are done.  This project uses pipecleaners or wires for legs, which can be posed to create stop motion animation videos!

Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Needle Felted Spider Tutorial

Felted Pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns

Top 10 Needle Felting and Wet Felting Kits for Halloween

Needle felted Pumpkins or Jack O 'lanterns are a simple and fun needle felting projects that can used be to decorate your house or classroom for Halloween!  A simple pumpkin or Jack O’Lantern involves only a few steps and colors of wool roving. If you  like add a face to your pumpkin project, you can use some special ‘tools’ like a bbq skewer to roll your wool around to create eyelids, lips and noses for you pumpkin or other needle felting projects. We couldn't get around to making a tutorial for this project but we've added one to our Magic Trout Imaginarium Halloween Pinterest Board for you. This project takes 1 -3 hours depending on your patience and passion!

We have a lesson plan for this project!


Felted Masks

a parent and a child wear felted raccoon masks they needle felted our of wool

Every year, the Magic Trout Imaginarium teaches mask making Halloween workshops for events. From animals to skulls to super heroes, you can create nearly any type of mask using a sheet of flat wool(from a dollarstore or fabric store) and some colored wool roving! This project takes approximately 2 hours and it easy for beginners.

(Mask created by @randomactsofmaking in the Creatures of Trout Lake workshop, )

Needle Felted Costume Headbands & Headpieces

Top 10 Needle Felting and Wet Felting Kits for Halloween

Felted headbands and headpieces and are popular for DIY  Halloween costumes and are simple to make using basic needle felting or wet felting techniques. 

Tips: Buy a thick wide headband as a base, then attach your felted pieces using hot glue. A headband is a good base for projects with evenly distributed weight.  There are usually 2 ears, or antlers, one on each side for example. A fascinator or headpiece style is better for heavier projects. 

For more information on the techniques and costs involved, read our blog on Needle Felted Costume Masks, Headbands and Headpieces 

Also check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Needle Felted Deer Antler Headband Tutorial which will teach you the art of needle felting and wet felting! This project takes approx 1-2 hours


Felted Monsters.

This project is really fun because there is no one ‘image’ of what a monster is; a monster is different for everyone.

Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Pinterest board for more felted Monsters and Halloween craft ideas. This project is approx 1 hour.

Felted Zombie Hand

This is a great decoration to place in your candy bowl to creepy out kids that get a bit too greedy!

You'll need some wire or pipecleaners as an armature to felt around if you want your fingers to move! Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Pinterest board for more creepy felted Halloween decor ideas.


Felted Skulls

These Nightmare before Xmas themed skulls are based off a circular base which makes it easy for beginners less experienced in creating 3D shapes.  You can use the Needle Felted Eyeball Tutorial to learn how to create a basic 3d sphere shape, then instead of added an iris and pupil, you an felt your face!This project takes about 20-30 mins and will make a great addition to your Halloween decor in your home or classroom.

Zombie Brain Pin Cushion(with 3D Printed Skull)

2 zombie brain pin cushions. Base is 3d printed, blue on left and clear glow in the dark on right. A felted pink brain sits inside the skull with felting needles sticking out the brain

This needle felted zombie brain pin cushion involves intermediate needle felting project due to patience and attention to detail. This project involves combining 3D printing and needle felting to create a felted brain that sits inside a 3D printed zombie skull. This project is a great way to combine technical skills, design and art skills in your school, library or community makerspace. Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's tutorial for the 3D Printed Zombie Brain Pin Cushion

Felted Ghosts


Little ghosts make great beginner Halloween projects for those who want to decorate. These projects are quite easy to create quickly.  Felted ghosts only use 2 colors of wool roving. You can really sculpt the shape of the body aand add fun expressions on each of your ghosties!

Check out the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Pinterest board for more creepy felted Halloween decor ideas.


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