Wool in the Classroom: Join the Wooley Wonders Program

Why Use Wool in the Classroom?

The Magic Trout Imaginarium wants to help it easy as possible to bring wool in the classroom. This is why each classroom felting kit comes with a library of felting lesson plans created by Canadian teachers like you!

a group of teacher stand in a workshop holding up their felted creatures on a plaque project



on the left is am image of felted creature on wooden plaques created by teachers. On the right there is text that reads Wooley Wonders Share your class creations and save $$

Get Free Wool!

Teachers have the most important job in the world!  We want to support teachers to felt share this fun and earth friendly art form by offering free lesson plans.  Our goal is to collect as many lesson plans as possible from elementary and middle school teachers in all subject areas.

This is where you come in!

Let us help you save money! 

Trade your class lesson plans, videos and photos and get free wool in the classroom.

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Learn Why Teachers Love Felting with Wool in the Classroom

After a long day in the classroom, have you ever wanted to .... stab something?

Felting is stress relieving and fun! We've worked with teachers across Canada at Pro D Days and conferences to create all sort of fun projects!

Learn more about why teachers love felting with their students


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