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Bulk Wool Classroom Kit (6lb)
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Bulk Wool Classroom Kit (6lb)

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This extra large bulk wool classroom kit includes enough wool for multiple projects per student for 3 classrooms. (30 grams/student per class of 30 x 3 classses). Create all sorts of projects from mini stuffies, to foods, to costumes and props! All out of the world's most earth friendly art supply: wool!

Our Bulk Wool Classroom Kit Includes:

  • 6 lbs selections of multi-colored wool roving
  • 100 pack of needles (in case of breakage or loss)
  • 25 reusable felting bags can be shared between classes (re-usable year after year)

BONUS: FREE Felt Along Course and Lesson Plans with Purchase!

Multi Classroom Felting Starter Kit

Felting bags can be filled with 4-5 cups of dried lentils or rice (not included)

If you require more wool for your wool classroom kit, you can purchase a 1 lb or  2lb wool refill 

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting involves using a sharp barbed needle to sculpt and shape wool roving into 3D shapes like animals, landscapes, food, or even masks or clothing.  Many people we’ve taught to felt at workshops comment on how easy and stress-relieving it is! A little stabbing can really get the stress out; hence why teachers seem to love felting so much!

Learn more about needle felting

close up of hands using a felting needle to poke wool creating a green monster

Worried About Needles?

Try wet felting! This form of felting involves massage wool with soap and water to create 2D sheets of wool and sometimes 3D shapes.

moving gif of hands closeup  wet felting rubbing wool with dish soap inside a ziplock bag

Learn more about wet felting 


Wonderful Wool

Wool has been used for knitting, weaving, crocheting and even wet felting for many years, but the phenomenon of needle felting only came about with the invention of the industrial felting machine. Someone, somewhere got the brilliant idea to remove a single needle from the machine and use it to sculpt.

In needle felting, it is best to use wool that catches easily on felting needles. All of the Magic Trout Imaginarium’s felting kits use Corriedale wool. Our wool from Ashford in New Zealand, is sustainable and uses natural non-toxic dyes.

Once you learn the art of felting using your felting starter kit,  you can move on to creating your own wonderous wool creations. Check out our blog for tutorials as well as our gallery to see all the fun projects you could create with wool! We also have a Youtube channelInstagram and Pinterest

Still not convinced? Read about why wool is so awesome here


Why Do Teachers Like to Felt?

The MagicTrout Imaginarium has taught thousands of teachers how to felt!  We've taught at pop-up events, festivals, professional development days and conferences. We started this business out of the passion for passing on this fun and stress-relieving craft.

Learn why teachers like you love to felt with their students

Request a free PAC Presentation

a close up of a teacher poking her felting needle into wool to felt a grey rat for her fake taxidermy project


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