Baby Mobile Felting Workshop (LIVE: 1 hour)

Baby Mobile Felting Workshop (LIVE: 1 hour)

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This Baby Mobile Felting Workshop is helpful for those who purchased our Baby Mobile Kit for their baby shower.

In this hour-long workshop we will walk you through how to create a baby mobile step by step and live with all your friends! We know all the tips and tricks to create a fun mobile to get you started on any baby mobile theme you choose!

Booking Your Baby Mobile Felting Workshop

  • Once we receive your purchase, we will contact you to organize the timing of the baby mobile felting workshop.
  • We recommend you can contact us ahead of time to ensure our availability.


Baby shower felting workshop

a group of people sitting in a circle felting bumble bees at a baby shower outside on a patio

A group of felters at a baby shower wearing masks Baby mobile felting workshop

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is an art form that involves using a barbed felting needle to sculpt and shape wool roving into 2D and 3D shapes. You can literally create anything you can think of from masks to mini stuffies to food and more. Those we’ve taught tell us how fun, and stress-relieving it is! (The stabbing part helps)

close up of a hand poking a needle in and out of a wool green monster project


Worried About Sharp Needles?

There's a safer option of wet felting using soap and water!

Learn more about different types of felting here

an overhead shot of the wet felting process i a plastic ziplock bag. Close up of hands rubbing and agitating wool in a bag


Once you book your Baby shower felting workshop, check out our blog for tutorials and ideas. Be sure to add us to Instagram and Pinterest for other project ideas! Whether you're an artist or teacher, we have you covered!

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