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Art Prints are a fun way to decorate your walls and create a quirky mood to match your maximalism theme. We've hand-picked these awesome posters and prints. Some of these were used in our DIY home makeover, while others are still on our wishlist!

title: curio cabin weird and wonderful maximalist design and decor. below is a photo looking down of the corner of a room with a teal wall with an illustrated mural. the other wall has newsprint wallpaper and colorful nature themed artwork.

Hello! I'm Zee Kesler and I'm the head Imagineer at Magic Trout Imaginarium Needle Felting Supply Co. and the Chief Creator at the Curio Cabin!

As you can likely tell, I love maximalist interior design and try to keep my life as interesting as possible.

I'm going for an Art Deco meets Victorian, meets Curio Cabinet Museum vibe. Hope you like it!

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