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Every weird and wonderful home needs its collection of oddities! We have all sorts of curio items as well as kits to create your own collections!

title: curio cabin weird and wonderful maximalist design and decor. below is a photo looking down of the corner of a room with a teal wall with an illustrated mural. the other wall has newsprint wallpaper and colorful nature themed artwork.









My name is Zee Kesler and I love the moody maximalism style; everything weird and wonderful! 


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  • Felted Taxidermy Animal Kit
    3 felted wool creautres / animals on wooden plaques looking like fake taxidermy.. Left to right: an orange and teal cat with one  eyeball much larger than the other, Middle: a crazy magenta and white colored bunny, with one ear flopped over , big buck teeth and one googly eye in a spiral , Right: a green Shrek-like character with his mouth open
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