Felted Baby Mobile: How To

How to Make a Felted Baby Mobile  

If you purchased our baby shower felting activity kit, our kit comes with the following supplies for 6 people:

  • 1.5 lbs of wool(75g per person)
  • a cross brace
  • 18 needles(3 per person)
  • reusable jute felting bags( 1 per person)
  • string

Felted Baby Mobile: How To

Fill Your Felting Bag

Firstly you'll want to fill up each felting bag with 4-5 cups of dried lentils, rice or beans(soy beans are our favorite). This bag is biodegradable and earth friendly and is used as your felting surface to protect you from getting poked(ouch!) and your needles from breaking.


Baby Mobile Inspiration

We offer baby mobile kits in several themes. So, before you start decide with your group who will felt what creature or item. This way you won't end up with 5 whales etc.

Felted Baby Mobile: How To

The Felting Process

Next, you'll want to learn felting skills!

You can check out our youtube playlist to learn some felting basics. If you need more support, sign up for our online felting course to learn all the basic shapes and tools, or book an online(or in person) live workshop!

Assembling the Mobile Cross Bracing

After you've felted your mobile pieces, assemble you cross brace. You don't need to use a cross brace, you can simply hang your creatures from a branch, an embroidery hoop, or any other hanger you like. This cross brace is simply a suggestion.

If you are using the cross brace included in your kit, place your braces across one another matching up the holes and divets in the center with one another. Once they are lined up, add some glue(ideally wood glue will work) in the center of the 2 holes. While the glue is still wet, gently screw the hook through both cross braces as deep as it will go.(Don't push too hard)

Optional: for extra security you can lash the 2 cross braces together. You can use the string included or any other string of your choice.

Felted Baby Mobile: How To

Hanging Your Creations from the Cross Brace

You can attach your felted creatures and items by using the string included or any other string of your choice. You can use a needle to thread sew fishing line or string through the top of your felted creature. Next tie to the mobile, making sure you evenly distribute the weight of each felted creature. If you have one creature or object that is much larger than the rest, consider hanging it from the center of your mobile, underneath the cross brace. This will keep the balance even!

Safety Considerations for Baby Mobile Location

Wool is made from sheep wool and can cause a choking hazard if a child manages to grab hold of the felted mobile and put pieces in their mouth. For this reason, hang your mobile beside the baby's crib rather than directly above it. Another idea is to locate the mobile near the change table or somewhere where the baby will be supervised while looking at it(it's also a great distraction to keep them occupied during changing!) Another consideration is the height-please ensure the baby cannot reach for the mobile while lying or standing.


Take care and happy felting!