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Wool Roving Only-1 Individual Refill

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Our 1 lb Wool Roving Only Refill is best suited for an artist or teacher who wants a selection of wool roving. This wool roving only refill can be used to needle felt or wet felt.

How Do I Felt with Wool Roving?2 images side by side. The image says Needle felting with a close up image of a hand poking wool fibres with a needle. The second image on the right says wet felting and show a closeup of hands rubbing a plastic ziplock bag with wool inside

Felting is a fun and earth-friendly art form. There are 2 types of felting we teach at Magic Trout Imaginarium: wet felting and needle felting.

Needle felting uses a bard needle to shape and sculpt wool fibres. 

Wet felting involves rubbing, rolling and agitating wool fibres to create a matted flat sheet of felt.

 How Do I Learn to Felt?

To learn how felting works here, check out our blog for ideas, our InstagramPinterest or take one of the Magic Trout Imaginarium's Online Felting Courses. Although our course was created for teachers, all our courses are very much applicable to anyone who wants to learn to felt.


Please note:  if you have issues with the purchase of this kit please call/text 604-600-1138

or email  zee@magictroutimaginarium.comfor immediate assistance