Felting in the Classroom: Join our Felt Along Course!

A felting course is a great way to learn needle felting or wet felting. 

There are so many tools and techniques, so what is the best way? The easiest way? Or the cheapest way to get started?

Let us show you! In this easy step by step course, beginners (teacher, artists, or students) can felt along in class or at their own pace.

All About Wool

Online Felting Course for Teachers and Artists

Tools & Materials

There are so many tools and supplies you can use to wet felt and needle felt. In this online felting course, we'll teach which tools to use when and why We'll also show you the pros and cons of various supplies on the market and what our favorites are and why. Online Felting Course for Teachers and Artists

Felting Techniques

Learn how to wet felt and needle felt, create specific shapes, mix colors, attach pieces to one another and use wool for various projects like these light up led soft circuit badges below.

Online Felting Course for Teachers and Artists

Starter Projects

Our online felting course walks you through basic projects that will give you the skills and confidence you need to become a felting expert! It's really easy!  This beginner sushi felting project teaching basic shapes, color mixing, and attachment of wool 

Meet Your Instructor Zee Kesler

Online Felting Course for Teachers and Artists

For the past 10 years Zee has played a key role in bringing maker culture to libraries schools and higher education institutions in the Vancouver area through programs, meetups and public engagement. 

Zee loves needle felting and wet felting and has taught at professional development workshops and conferences all over Canada.  Zee loves wool because it is the most environmentally friendly art material on earth and is extremely forgiving for those who are not detail oriented or confident in their creative art making skills.