Best Needle Felting Projects for Beginners

The best needle felting projects for beginners, are projects that help new felters learn simple skills and techniques.

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2 teachers hold up felted light up badges with leds at the ADST conference

To do this, we create fun, inspiring projects that draw on the magic and wonder of the world around us.  How do we know these are the best projects for beginners? We teach hundreds of private workshops, special events, conferences, and street festivals a year. We teach kids and adult of all ages.

After many years of experience and feedback, we've determined these are some of best needle felting projects for beginners. The Magic Trout Imaginarium can support you on your felting adventures-just subscribe to our youtube channel, check out our Basic Shapes Video Tutorials(coming soon!)

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What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a fun, stress reliving craft that uses a sharp barbed needle to sculpt and shape wool roving into 3 dimensional shapes. Shapes can include plush food and animals, landscapes, or even masks or clothing.

the needle felting process: closeup of a hand poking wool with a barbed needle repeatedly. The wool is shaped like a green monster cartoon character

The art of needle felting is a relatively new concept, despite wool its popularity for use in knitting, weaving and wet felting for centuries. The phenomenon of needle felting started with the invention of the industrial felting machine. Around this time, someone, got the idea to remove a needle from the machine and use it to sculpt 3 dimensional shapes. The sculpting is made possible by tiny barbs on the felting needle. These tiny barbs catch on the scales of the wool, which causes the wool to tangle and condense as you poke it.

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Needle Felted Sushi Roll

A Sushi roll is one of the best needle felting projects for beginners, because it uses basic rolling and shaping techniques. A sushi roll can be felted in approximately 15-30 minutes. Check out our Sushi Roll felting tutorial video here. You can also buy a Sushi Felting Kit!


Needle Felted Ewok from Star Wars

Best Needle Felting Projects for Beginners

Photo from Handmade by November
An Ewok is a simple project that involves a simple rolling technique and shaping technique. What's great about this project, is it also involves the attaching techniques to add arms legs and ears!

Needle Felted Eyeball


Best Needle Felting Projects for Beginners

A needle felting eyeball teaches the art of felting a sphere or ball shape, as we as adding colors to the surface of a project. This needle felting project is great for beginners. Learn how to make your own Needle Felted Eyeball here

Needle Felted Heart

3 needle felted hearts: left to right a red heart, a light purple heart with the word LOVE felted onto it, and a red heart with a light purple heart felted in the center with a white outline. Below the 3 hearts is a felting needle

A needle felted heart is a beginner project we often teach at festivals. This is a great needle felting project for beginners because it teaches shaping and attachment techniques. We hosted this activity with Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House in Feb 2020. Check out a needle felted heart tutorial here

Needle Felted Planets

The Magic Trout Imaginarium has taught felted planet workshops as part of our Intergalatic Imagination Celebration. Here, Emily shows off her planet that created with participants from the Artists in Communities Residency at Trout Lake Community Centre in Vancouver. Another idea is to use your felted planets in a felted mobile. To learn more about our felted mobile kits, check out our shop.

a ginger haired light skinned woman (Emily Smith) wear a hat with felted planets attached with wires like antenaes


Sunny Side Up Egg

Feel free to change the color of your egg yolk to make green eggs! If you’d like to add ham to your green eggs, check out our Green Eggs and Ham felting kit!

A felted green ham and 2 sunnyside up eggs made up wool sit on a jute felting bag with a felting needle

Needle Felted Fox

This project is great for festivals such as Canada Day! We hosted an activity teaching felted forest animals in New Westminster BC on Canada Day 2016.  The greatest part of this project is you can use the same basic gumdrop shape to create a black bear, polar bear, and this fox. In this case, we added pointy ears and a tail to make the fox.

Best Needle Felting Projects for Beginners


Needle Felted Mask

This is a fun project for Halloween, a festival or themed party. To make this project, use a store bought piece of felt as a base. Or wet felt your own sheet. Next, layer on wool to create depth. We hosted this workshop for several years at the Parade of Lost Souls, a festival organized by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Check out this felting tutorial for felting a 3D Lynx mask!

Best Needle Felting Projects for Beginnerse

Needle Felted Zombie Brain Pin Cushion

A Zombie Pin Cushion is both fun and functional! Buy a Zombie Brain Felting Pin Cushion Kit here! Includes an instructional video

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