National Unicorn Day Craft Project

National Unicorn Day Craft Ideas

National Unicorn Day craft is a great way to celebrate. And yes, this holiday is a real thing and occurs on April 9th each year. Regardless of why this strange holiday exists, we can't deny how popular unicorns are. In my era it started with the movie the Last Unicorn and continued on with Lisa Frank stationary.

As a not very 'girly-girl' I was never really into these things, but as a maximalist, I can't deny that I love the fun, bright colors and over the top-ness unicorns represent.


Celebrate with a Craft!

Craft Project #1: A Felted Unicorn Headband

 A felted unicorn headband created by a grade 3 student. The horn is pink, blue and pink in a spiral. There are white ears beside the unicorn horn.a young girl wearing a pink and white felted unicorn day craft headband made at a workshop

A felted unicorn headband is an affordable craft project that uses just a few craft supplies:


Craft Project #2: Felt a Unicorn on a Plaque

a felted white unicorn with a rainbow mane

    You can learn about our free step by step taxidermy creature on a plaque tutorial here