Needle Felting Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Needle Felting Curriculum and Lesson Plans to Inspire You and Your Students!


Meet Teacher Isabel Trzcinski

Isabel teaches at Confederation Park School in Burnaby BC and loves felting! 

Magic Trout Imaginarium collaborated with Isabel to create some K-7 lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom!


Our online felting course covers the techniques and tools needed to create these projects! Lesson plans are included with the purchase of the course!

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Lesson Plans Free with Purchase of a Felting Classroom Starter Kit

Felted Bees

Learn about Biodiversity,

Pollination & Colony Collapse. 

Science & ADST. 

Grades 3-5 


Felted Sushi

Healthy Lifestyles and the

Canada Food Guide.

 ADST, Physical Education

and Health Education. 

 Grades 3-5

Taan's Moon

Learn to Wet

felt the seasons.

First People's Perspectives, ADST, Science, Art.

Grade 3-5


Green Eggs and Ham

English Language Arts,  text features, literary devices. 

Grades 2-5


Felted Snowpeople

Learn about the water cycle . ADST and Science. 

Grade 2.


Felted Easter Eggs

Learn about literary elements. ADST, Art, English Language Arts. 

Grades 3-5. 

Soft Circuit Felted Badges

Details TBA


Felted Penguins

Learn about ecosystems, food chains and food webs. ADST Science, First Peoples Perspectives. 

Grade 3


Storyboard Wet Felting

Story structure, oral language strategies. ADST, English Language Arts.

Grades K-1

Felted Birds

Learn about food chains, bird migrations. ADST, Art, and Science.

Grades 3-4


Creepy Creatures: Wool and Wood

Details TBA





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