Needle Felting Supply Blog

  • Needle Felted Spider

    A  needle felted spider is a fun diy Halloween craft that can be used as an addition to a costume, to decorate your classroom or house for Halloween or to freak out your friends!

    The Magic Trout Imaginarium's Felted Spider diy Halloween craft project can created this project using common felting and crafting supplies! The  best part is, after you are done, you can use your project to create a stop motion animation!

  • Needle Felted Halloween Eyeball

    A set of needle felted bloodshot eyeballs is a great project that can be used as an additional to a costume or as a Halloween decoration for your classroom or house!

    The Magic Trout Imaginarium's felted eyeball  project is super fast to make; in just a 20 minutes,  you can create this Halloween decoration project using common felting supplies! 

  • Needle felted Halloween Costume Headband

    Needle Felted Costume Headband The Magic Trout Imaginarium's Needle felted Halloween costume headband is affordable and fast to make; in just a co...